​Through the joint effort from Washington County Hospital, Nashville School District and countless family and friends the sensory room, "Storeyland," at Nashville Community Grade School was developed in memory of Traci Storey and her dedication to her profession.  The Sensory Room is available to any child with autism, sensory integration disorders, learning disabilities, and more.  It provides a calming environment to facilitate learning.  

Currently, there are approximately 7-8 professionals that use the room with students, and approximately 15-20 students.  There are no specific qualifications for the children.  Anyone who has autism, attention issues, speech or language delays or disorders, sensory integration disorders, or really any type of special needs can benefit from the room. Therapists from Washington County Hospital as well as therapists at the school use the room.  

"Storeyland" is not necessarily a very quiet room, however, it can be used for that, but typically they have seen an increase in communication which is awesome for the children especially with autism. All children's needs are different and this room provides a variety of items and therapeutic materials to supplement learning and development. As the number of cases of Autism increases so does the need for therapeutic intervention. Autism is a condition which requires many hours of therapy and treatment for children to be successful. 
​To learn more about Autism please CLICK HERE. Donations and supplies for this room are being accepted.